The Grudge

The house is haunted by the family who lived there previously. The mother loved an American teacher named Peter (Bill Pullman) and wrote in a diary about him, which her husband found. In a rage, he kills her, his son, and the family cat, then hangs himself. Anyone who enters the house is cursed to die. Karen (Sarah Michelle Gellar) realizes what is going on and goes to stop her boyfriend Doug (Jason Behr) from entering it. Arriving too late, she manages to set it on fire with some gas left over by Detective Nakagawa (Ryo Ishibashi) and Greg's lighter. The next day as she examines her Greg's body, the police mention how fortunate it was that she survived, and that they manged to save the house. We see that the mother is standing right behind Karen. She gives Karen the same evil look she does to her other victims and as Karen screams the screen cuts to black.
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