Miles (Paul Giamatti) accidentally tells Maya (Virginia Madsen) that Jack is getting married, which makes her so mad she won't have anything to do with him. Jack (Thomas Haden Church) gets his nose broken by Stephanie (Sandra Oh), then picks up a waitress and sleeps with her, only to have her husband chase him out; Jack leaves his clothes and wallet behind. Miles helps Jack get his wallet back and the two head back to L.A. for the wedding. On the way, Jack smashes Miles's car to make his broken nose look like the result of a car accident. Miles stands up for Jack's wedding, then runs into his ex and her new husband, struggling to hold himself together as she announces her pregnancy. Finally, he returns to his teaching job in San Diego and the dull existence he led before the trip. Some time later, Maya calls to tell him she loved his novel, but the ending puzzled her. He drives back up to Buellton and knocks on her door as the movie ends.
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