Ocean's Twelve

François Toulour (Vincent Cassel) makes a deal with Danny Ocean (George Clooney) that if Ocean's Eleven were able to steal the prized Faberge Egg before he could, he would pay off their debt to Terry Benedict (Andy Garcia). Just when you believe that Danny Ocean and his group of thieves have dropped the ball, and Toulour managed to steal the egg first, it turns out that they had the upper hand over him. Danny and Rusty (Brad Pitt) had spoken with Toulour's mentor/greatest thief in the world, La Marque (Albert Finney) before the wager was ever made. He told them that egg that was heavily protected in the transport was a fake. The real egg was simply being transferred in a backpack by a few disguised guards, allowing them to get the egg first, before Toulour even could make an attempt to steal it. In exchange for this information, La Marque requests the egg (which he had stolen, only to put it back because his wife did not want him to keep it) and his long-lost daughter who turns out to be Europol Agent Isabel Lahiri (Catherine Zeta-Jones).
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