The Phantom of the Opera

At the climax of the performance of the Phantom's (Gerard Butler's) opera "Don Juan Triumphant", the Phantom secretly kills the lead actor and takes over the title role to try one last time to woo Christine Daae (Emily Rossum). She instead unmasks him in front of the audience and authorities. He spirits her away and sends the auditorium's chandelier crashing upon the stage, setting the opera house on fire. Raoul, Vicomte de Chagny (Patick Wilson) follows the pair down to the Phantom's lair, but is caught off guard by the Phantom, who threatens him with death. Christine is forced to choose between life with the Phantom or the death of her beloved - but she surprises both of the men by kissing the Phantom. Shocked and moved by this, the Phantom lets her and Raoul go, and escapes his lair just as a mob descends upon it, leaving his mask behind. In the movie's black-and-white framing scenes, we see a much older Raoul take a music box that belonged to the Phantom (auctioned off from the remains of the opera house) to Christine's grave - where her name reads "Christine Chagny, beloved wife and mother". As he prepares to leave Raoul sees that the Phantom has been here too, leaving his familiar token of his love for Christine: a red rose tied with a black ribbon (now with a jeweled ring around it, which he had hoped to marry her with) just off to the side of the grave.
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