The Final Cut

Alan (Robin Williams) is a cutter, he takes images from a Zoe implant that people have implanted at birth which records all their memories. He cuts together a rememory at their funeral so people can see what a great person the deceased was. Alan's speciality is dealing with people who do nasty things like incest or murder and cutting it all out. He does this because he thinks in his childhood he accidently killed another boy. In the movie he is cutting Mr Lancaster, who as it turns out was molesting his daughter. While doing this he thinks he sees the boy that he killed as an adult, so he goes searching for him. In the meantime this guy Fletcher (Caviezel) is part of this anti-implant group who wants to get his hands on Mr Lancester's memories so he can discredit the whole implant thing. It turns out that Alan has an implant (a cutter is not supposed to have an implant) and that the boy he thought he killed survived, in the meantime Mr Lancester's implant gets destroyed, but the memory of what was on it is on Alan's implant. So in the end Fletcher's group kills Alan and the end is Fletcher going through Alan's memories to see Mr Lancester's memories.
Thanks, diane S!