Dreamer--Inspired By a True Story

Ben Crane (Kurt Russell) loses his job when he saves Soñador the horse after her leg breaks during a race. He thinks she can heal well enough to sire a championship colt. He comes close to losing what's left of his farm when he discovers that the mare is infertile. Cale (Dakota Fanning), blaming herself for her family's problems, decides to run away from home with Soñador. As she attempts her getaway, the startled horse breaks into an incredibly fast run. Hoping to save the farm after all, the Cranes try to get her back in shape to compete. Soñador had collected enough points before her leg was broken to qualify for the Breeders' Cup, and she is allowed to enter. The Crane family still doesn't have enough cash for the entry fee until Prince Sadir (Oded Fehr), always looking to best his brother, agrees to sponsor Soñador. Manny (Freddy Rodríguez) overcomes his past traumas, and rides the horse to victory.

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