Benny (Taye Diggs), offers to let Roger(Adam Pascal) and Mark(Anthony Rapp) stay in their loft for free, but causes Roger and Mimi(Rosario Dawson) to break up, claiming she slept with him to get him to do this.

Angel(Wilson Jermaine Heredia) tragically dies of AIDS. His death is the last straw for Roger, who sells his guitar to by a car and moves to Santa Fe. Mark starts working for a news/tabloid show but soon quits to finish his own film. Maureen(Idina Menzel) and Joanne(Tracie Thoms) overcome their differences and get back together. Mimi, grieving that Roger's left, is soon livng on the street. Collins(Jesse L. Martin), Angel's lover, moves away from New York. For some time, the seven friends stay seperated. (It should be known that, in the musical, Benny moved to another part of New York).

The final scene takes place on December 24, 1990, almost one year after the events in the beginning of the movie. Roger has moved back to New York, and is again living with Mark. Mark has finished his film. Collins, who has also moved back, shows up to offer some drinks and food. Maureen and Joanne show up with Mimi, who is weak and dying. They quickly take her up to the loft, and lay her on a table. Mimi tells Roger that she loves him, and Roger serenades her with the one song he wrote over the year, and tells her that he has always loved her. Hearing this. Mimi smiles and then dies in Roger's arms. Roger breaks down and cries. Unbelievably, though, Mimi wakes up, and says that she saw Angel, who helped steer her back to life. In awe of this miracle, everyone begins to sing about life's uncertainty as Mark starts playing his film for them.

The last shot of the film is a shot from Mark's film: Angel givng us his slight, warm smile.     

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