Pet Sematary 2

The resurrected Gus Gilbert (Clancy Brown) kills Clyde Parker (Jared Rushton), and then his stepson Drew (Jason McGuire) and Drew's mother Amanda (Lisa Waltz), and then buries Clyde in the Micmac burial ground off-screen. Gus exhumes Renee's (Darlanne Fluegel) body, and when Chase Matthews (Anthony Edwards) finds out about that, he goes to Gus' house for an explanation, but he ends up killing both Gus and Drew's dog Zowie with his revolver when they attacked him. He returns home and goes up into the attic to find his housekeeper Marjorie (Sarah Trigger) dead, and his son Jeff (Edward Furlong) sitting alongside his resurrected mother Renee. Gus exhumed her body for Jeff so Jeff could bury her in the Micmac burial ground. When Jeff leaves the attic so his mom and dad could "talk," a resurrected Clyde shows up and tries to kill Jeff. Renee sets the attic on fire to try and kill everyone, but Jeff kills Clyde and then escapes the attic with Chase, while his screaming mother burns to death in the fire. It then shows Chase closing down his veterinary practice, and he and Jeff leave Ludlow for elsewhere..

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