Stanley, now living as Bree (Felicity Huffman) is planning on heading to LA to have a sex change operation. Before she leaves she gets a call from her son in jail, Toby, looking for his father who he's never met. Bree bails him out of jail telling him she's from a church.

Toby wants to go to LA to make movies. They decide to go together, Bree never telling him that she's his father.

Along the way, Toby (Kevin Zegers) catches a glimpse of Bree's genitalia and learns that she is biologically male. 

At Bree's parent's house in Phoenix, Bree tells Toby that they are father and son.  Toby runs away and Bree continues her drive to Los Angeles. 

She realizes her dream, has her sexual reassignment surgery and goes back to work at a Mexican restaurant. 

Toby realizes his dream when he dyes his hair blonde and makes a gay porno. 

Toby tracks down Bree at her home and they continue with their unique family relationship, sharing beers and catching up on events.

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