Hellraiser 2

Julia re-appears and kisses Channard (Kenneth Cranham), who was transformed into a cenobite. Whilst she does this, Tiffany solves the puzzle box, but Channard realises this and attacks her slashing her hand. He goes to stab her husing his bladed tentacles, but they stick into the ground. As he tries to free himself the strain on his body is too much and his head is ripped in two. Tiffany screams in terror and falls off a ledge. Julia helps her up and reveals that she is actually Ashley wearing Julia's skin that she lost earlier on. The two run to the safety of their room just making it as the door to the underworld closes. At the end we see Dr. Channard's house empty, with all his posessions in boxes. A removal man goes into his study to find the bloody mattress that Julia was ressurected from. He is dissolved into the mattress leaving only his legs. His co-worker comes in to find the pole with all the object of torture and a face that asks the terrible question "What is your pleasure, sir?"

Thanks, Alasdair!

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