Bill and Ted's Bogus Journey

Evil robot versions of Bill and Ted (Alex Winter and Keanu Reeves) are sent back through time to kill the original pair, ruin their chances at the upcoming battle of the bands, and with that the future of the human race. They succeed effortlessly at killing the original duo, who believe that they are there to help them practice for the contest.

Bill and Ted, the originals, travel through purgatory and Hell before challenging the Grim Reaper (William Sadler) to take them back. Ted comes up with the most righteous idea of how to kill the evil robot "us"es: Make good robot "us"es. So the Reaper takes them to heaven, where God Himself refers the boys to the martian geniuses Station (Ed Gale and Arturo Gil), who come back to Earth to build the good robot Bill and Ted (Micahel Chambers and Brian Falcon). All of them ambush the evil robots at the battle of the bands and the good robots totally destroy the evil robots. They also take care of the evil mastermind, De Nomolos (Joss Ackland), and Ms. Wardroe (Pam Grier) reveals herself to be Rufus (George Carlin), who stowed away on the time-travelling phonebooth to make sure the boys got their shot at the title.


No problem, they travel through time to places where they practice for two years and get really good, and at the same time marry the princesses to start a family, and travel back in time to just after they time warped out. The boys, now with baby boys named after each other, put on the most non-bogus show, win the battle of the bands, and begin the inevitable chain of events which leads to the future of "Be excellent to each other and Party on, Dudes!"

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