All the President's Men

After failing to trace the money trail Bob Woodward (Robert Redford) finally snaps at a meeting with Deep Throat (Hal Holbrook); Deep Throat admits that all levels of the US Government are involved, along with elements of the CIA, FBI and the Justice Department.

Woodward then goes to see his partner Carl Bernstein (Dustin Hoffman). As he meets Carl at the door of his apartment, Bob holds his fingers to his lips and turns Carl's stereo on loud. He uses a typewriter to explain that they are being bugged: Carl then uses the typewriter to tell Bob that Sloane was willing to name Haldeman, as the fifth man to control, the funding his testimony to the Grand Jury but no one had asked him.

The two then visit their editor Ben Bradlee (Jason Robbards) and tell him all they know. Bradlee agrees to run the story. The two reporters head back to the newsroom and finish the story into the morning, as Nixon's is sworn in as President on TV.

The film ends with a series of headlines typed on a teletypewriter showing the scandal unfolding to it's conclusion. 

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