Failure to Launch

Paula (Sarah Jessica Parker) and Trip (Matthew McConaughey) are locked in a house together by their friends Ace (Justin Bartha), Demo (Bradley Cooper), and Kit (Zooey Deschanel). Trip is tied to a chair in a bunch of sailors knots. Ace, who is a big computer geek, has set up about 20 different computer video cameras all over the room. Ace, Demo, and Kit are all watching Trip and Paula make up, after Trip found out Paula was being paid to be his girlfriend, from a cafe and are surrounded by a bunch of random people clapping for the two love birds.

Next we see Trip and Paula are on a sail boat, Paula knows how to sail now, and makes a sharp turn causing the sail to fling across (sorry for my lack of sailing terminology) the boat and knock Trip off into the ocean. A dolphin swims up to Trip (it's a running theme in the movie that Trip gets bitten by various animals).

Trip and Paula love each other. The end.

Thanks Chelsea!

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