The Sentinel

Special Agent Pete Garrison (Michael Douglas) figures out the mole in the White House is William Montrose (Martin Donovan) who is guarding the President. Montrose was planted by the KGB 20 years ago and is leading the investigation looking for the traitor. Montrose framed Garrison over the affair Garrison was having with the First Lady (Kim Basinger). Montrose had avoided the polygraph test. The First Lady tells Agent Breckinridge (Kiefer Sutherland) that she and Garrison are having an affair and he's being framed and not the mole. The bad guys all get killed in the big shootout at the big economic summit in Toronto. Garrison kills the last Russian guy who grabbed the First Lady. President is unhurt but several Secret Service people are wounded or killed. The affair doesn't get revealed except to the Secret Service Director and Breckinridge. Last scene, Garrison retires, gets a nice send-off from his colleagues.

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