The People Under the Stairs

Fool (Brandon Adams) narrowly escapes the house of the psychopathic man (Everett McGill) and woman (Wendy Robie) with some gold coins, but promises Alice (A.J. Langer), their abused daughter, that he'll come back and save her. He returns home with the coins, which he shows his grandfather Booker (Bill Cobbs). He tells Fool they are very rare and their value can pay his rent for a long while and for his sick mother's operation. Booker also says that the man and woman Fool messed with are not husband and wife, but brother and sister. He also tells him they are baby-snatchers, meaning Alice was stolen from her real parents, along with Roach (Sean Whalen) and the rest of the people being kept locked up in the basement of the house.

Fool returns back to the house to get Alice out like he promised, but it later shows that his fellow ghetto residents have come along to back him up and confront the man and woman. Fool tells Alice the truth about the man and woman, and he helps the basement people get a way outside. As gratitude, one of them shows Fool a room loaded with money, more gold coins, and other assorted loot ? as well as dynamite the man uses for his traps.

The basement people attack and kill the woman (Alice stabs her before they do as her first real act of rebelling against her and the man for all the abuse she suffered at their hands), and Fool kills the man by blowing him up with the dynamite, which in turn starts a chain of events that detonate the rest of the dynamite in the house. The explosions blow the money out of the windows and chimney, which the ghetto residents joyfully collect.

The final scene shows the people under the stairs going into the streets for the first time, leaving the house behind. Alice and Fool obviously take their leave of the place as well.

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