Ben Chapleski/Choda Boy (Dian Bachar) uses his Hamster Style Kung Fu to beat Maxxx Orbison's (Michael Dean Jacobs) nephew A-Cup (David Dunn), and then Joe Young/Orgazmo (Trey Parker) saves his fiancée Lisa (Robyn Lynne) from Orbison by zapping him 5 times with the Orgazmorator, the final zap knocking him unconscious into his pool. After Joe & Ben lead Orbison and his goons outside Orbison?s mansion in handcuffs, Ben uses a super-powerful "cock rocket" to blow up the mansion (plus Joe zaps Orbison one more time).

The next day, Joe and Lisa initially pack up to leave Los Angeles to go back to Utah, but after having a tearful exchange of parting words with Ben and his friends, Lisa tells Joe that she realizes that maybe being Orgazmo was what God had intended for Joe to do, and so Joe decides to stay in Los Angeles to fight crime with Ben.

The last scene shows Orbison in a doctor's chair where his doctor (Lloyd Kaufman) tells him that due to his testicles being the size of Florida oranges from all those Orgazmorator zaps, he has to get his testicles cut off. Orbison soon laughs evilly, yelling out that Joe will soon face the wrath of Neutered Man!

Thanks Tornado Dragon!

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