Nomi (Elizabeth Berkeley) pushes Crystal (Gina Gershon) down the stairs. In a wonderful display of moviemaking, the show's producers decide to give Nomi, their most amateur cast member, the lead in the performance.

Nomi's friend gets raped by a big star, and when Nomi tries to call police, Zach stops her, revealing that he knows she is a runaway. Her father killed her mother then killed himself, and Nomi became a drifter, performing sexual favors to get by, while apparently doing (or dealing) drugs, and possession of a deadly weapon. This is all according to a police report taken when Nomi's fingerprints were taken after causing a disturbance at a local Vegas club.

Nomi takes matters into her own hands, goes to the guy's place, and beats him senseless while topless. Nomi then meets Crystal in her hospital bed, Crystal kisses her and gives her a hat. Nomi hitchhikes out of town, coincidentally, in the same car she rode in on, where she demands from the driver her suitcase that she lost at the beginning.

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