Our three heroes Roy Eberhardt aka Cowgirl (Logan Lerman), Beatrice Leep aka Bertie the bear (Brie Larson) and Mullet Fingers (Cody Linley) gather everyone for the ground breaking ceremony of the new Mother Paula's pancake house which is also where the burrowing owls are.

Officer Delinko (Luke Wilson) finds the missing environmental report paper that developer Mr. Muckle (Clark Gregg) tore from the building permit. It turns out the owls are on a protected species list.

Mother Paula (Jessica Cauffiel) donates the area to be an owl sanctuary and later hooks up with the groundskeeper Curly Branitt (Tim Blake Nelson) who has changed professions to a dog walker. Mr. Muckle serves time doing community service. Roy gets to stay in Florida looking out for other urban development with his friend Mullet Fingers.

Thanks Ann-Marie 'Crappy' F, who adds:
"I would suggest anyone who watches the movie to also read the book by Carl Hiaasen."

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