Romeo Must Die

It turns out that real cause of the turf war is the heads of both sides are trying to acquire all the waterfront properties to sell to an NFL expansion team, who want to build their new stadium on the waterfront. It also turns out that Isaak O'Day's (Delroy Lindo) right hand man Mac (Isaiah Washington) is behind the bombings and acquisitions of the deeds to the territories owned by the African American families, The one behind the bombings and acquisitions of the Chinese businesses is Ch'u Sing (Henry O), the overlord of the Chinese families, and also father to Han (Jet Li). The man who carried out the bombings and acquisition of the deeds to the Chinese territories is Kai (Russell Wong), Sing's right hand man.

Mac soon reveals the truth that he was the one who did the bombings and also that he is the murderer of Colin, O'Day's son, and that he merely wants to "own the streets." O'Day didn't know about who did the bombings or who murdered his son, and is naturally enraged when he learns the truth. Trish (Aaliyah), O'Day's daughter, eventually shoots Mac. Han then rushes to his father's home where he confronts Kai and learns the truth: Kai was also the one who murdered Han's younger brother, as he was coming close to discovering the truth behind the war. He engages Kai in a fight and kills him by brutally kicking him on the top of his head and shattering his spine. Han then confronts his father, who confesses to the crimes and then offers a gun to Han to use if he wants to kill him and avenge his brother. But he declines and says he'll let either the police or the other Chinese families deal with him. Han walks away and Ch'u shoots himself. Han meets up again with Trish, and they walk away together.

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