The Sea Inside

After a legal battle of 26 years, trying to obtain judicial consent to end with his own life for being confined to a bed after an accident that left him quadriplegic in his youth, Galician fisherman Ramon Sampedro (Javier Bardem) decides to do it, with or without consent from the system.
He is assisted by his relatives to get installed at an apartment on the coast for the suicide process.  Later, he films himself leaving a message where he takes full responsibility for what he would do; and then, he goes on and drinks poison from a glass.  In a matter of seconds, he starts to die. 
And then we see some recurrent images of him at the moment of the accident, when he hit his head and neck against a shallow sea bank.  He was always pulled back before drowning; however, this time around, he drowns (as an allegory that he had actually achieved his wish of ending with all the pain and agony of living like that).

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