Meet the Parents

Greg (Ben Stiller) is finally thrown out of the house when the cat he brought home to replace Jinx destroys the plans for Debbie's wedding.

Before leaving, Greg reveals that Jack (Robert De Niro) is still in the CIA, only to have the tables turned on him when Jack tells him that he was meeting with a travel agent to plan a surprise honeymoon for Debbie and her fiance.

Outside the house, Greg meets up with an airport employee bringing his suitcase and the family learns that his real name is Gaylord. Convinced that Pam (Teri Polo) never wants to see him again, Greg decides to go home.

Pam calls Gaylord's parents who fax her the results of Greg's tests, he apparently did score well. After Jack sees them, he realizes what a jerk he was to Greg and heads to the airport. Greg meanwhile has been arrested by airport security for "threatening a stewardess", Jack comes to the rescue, and they work out their differences. Greg returns to the house and finally asks Pam to marry him, she accepts. Jack says that all that's left now is to "meet his parents".

Thanks Dwayne!

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