Child's Play 3

Chucky (voiced by Brad Dourif) causes the death of Cadet Lt. Col. Shelton (Travis Fine), and he almost possesses an unconscious Tyler (Jeremy Sylvers) in an amusement park horror ride, but Andy (Justin Whalin) shoots off his left arm and then shoots him in the chest to stop his reciting of the transfer spell just mere seconds before he could complete it. As Andy is helping Tyler up, Chucky leaps on Andy's back, causing Tyler to now hang off the hill by Andy's arm, a whirling fan beneath him. Tyler hands Andy his knife, which he uses to chop off Chucky's remaining hand and then throw him right down into the fan, chopping him to pieces and killing him once more. Andy pulls Tyler up to the safety of the hilltop. It then shows the police taking Andy away (no doubt because he is a prime suspect in Shelton's murder, due to the feud they had), but before he goes he sees to his injured love interest Kristen (Perrey Reeves), who was shot in the leg by Chucky and is now being loaded into an ambulance. She asks if he'll be okay, to which he replies, "Don't worry. I've been here before.

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