Candyman 2
Farewell to the Flesh

Shortly after the Candyman/Daniel Robitaille (Tony Todd) murders her husband Paul (Timothy Carhart), Annie Tarrant (Kelly Rowan) learns from the Candyman that Paul impregnated her with a daughter. After her wrongfully incarcerated brother Ethan (William O'Leary) tells her to seek the advice of Honore Thibideaux (Matt Clark) about the Candyman, she visits him, and he tells her before the Candyman kills him that the only way to beat the Candyman is to find the mirror of his lover, Caroline Sullivan (Caroline Barclay), and destroy it. His reflection in her mirror was the last thing he saw before he died from the bee stings, and his soul became trapped in it.

Annie Tarrant finds out that the reason the Candyman is so interested in her walking by his side in death is because the daughter he had with Caroline, Isabel, is her great-grandmother. After the Candyman causes Ethan to get shot and killed by a police officer and kills her mother Octavia (Veronica Cartwright), she heads to the old mansion of her ancestors where her father once lived in to study the Candyman (and also was murdered by him there) to locate the mirror, and while looking for it she finds her missing student Matthew Ellis (Joshua Gibran Mayweather). He went into hiding ever since Annie called Candyman's name in the classroom mirror 5 times two days before, as he was absolutely terrified of him ever since his mother met her death by his hook. They head into the old decrepit slave house on the river behind the mansion, where Annie finds Caroline's mirror stuck in the wall. Candyman tries to seduce her into coming with him into death, but she snaps out of it and soon smashes the mirror, causing the Candyman to shatter. She and Matthew get out of the slave house before it goes into the raging river.

Annie is shown a few years later tucking her daughter Caroline (Brianna Blanchard) into bed, and after she leaves the room Caroline looks into a mirror and starts saying Candyman's name. Annie stops her before she can say it completely for the fifth time, telling her to go to sleep while breathing a sigh of relief.

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