House of the Damned

With the help of Dr. Edward Shea (Dick Donaghue) and his assistant Amy Wolfe (Mary Kate Ryan), Will (Greg Evigan), Maura (Alexandra Paul) & Aubrey South (Briana Evigan) manage to locate the body of the dead girl Colleen in the cellar, in a prison behind one of the brick walls. They give her a proper burial in the hopes that the bizarre occurrences in the mansion would end, but they didn't.

The evil spirits residing in the mansion attack the family, Father Seamus (Eamon Draper), Dr. Shea, and Amy at their dinner for closure, killing Shea and taking Aubrey down into the cellar. Father Seamus reveals to Will & Maura that the amulet they ripped off of the cellar wall was a safeguard against the spirits, and that Maura's ancestors and previous owners of the mansion, James and Marian Londrigan (who were also Colleen's parents) were practitioners of black magic and had murdered Colleen. The villagers found out about their black magic activities, so they cut off James' hands and let him die of gangrene. Marian committed suicide before she could be burned at the stake. James swore before he died that a curse would exist forever on the mansion, and because the family removed Colleen's body from the prison, the spirits took Aubrey as a substitute. Father Seamus eventually helps Will & Maura get Aubrey back from certain doom, and says that as long as the amulet remains in place, no further harm would come to them. It was irrelevant since the family planned to leave the house forever right away.

However, Maura starts showing unusual signs of jealousy at Will for his harmless showings of friendliness towards Amy, and Will notices Maura isn't looking rather healthy. Maura dreams and hallucinates seeing Will and Amy making love to each other, and it becomes apparent that the spirits have managed to exploit Maura's insecurities about her trust in Will and have possessed her. Maura barricades Will outside, and Will rushes to the church to meet with Father Seamus and tell him of this new dilemma. He finds Father Seamus dead in the praying position. He reads his journals that tell of how dangerous things have become in the mansion, and Will then sees his holy dagger, remembering him saying how if he stabs a possessed soul in the heart with that dagger they would be saved from the evil of the mansion. He takes it and rushes back to the house. Meanwhile, Maura starts trying to kill Aubrey, and though she tries to keep Will out when he arrives back, he gets in and proceeds to struggle with her. He pins her down and stabs her in the heart with the holy dagger, freeing her from the evil spirits' control.

The mansion starts tearing itself apart, but everyone gets out before the inside of the mansion explodes. As the family leaves while the place burns, the camera pans to the side and shows the translucent demon seen a few times during the movie, which roars and then dashes off into the woods.

Thanks Tornado Dragon!
who also adds... 'This movie was BAD. It's only redeeming quality, for me, was the haunting hymns played in some parts and during the credits. I had to send the spoiler for this before any other poor soul decided to subject themselves to this mess."

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