Rodney finally meets his hero Big Weld, only to discover that the star of the TV show Rodney loved as a kid is no longer himself and even considers himself an "outmode". Rodney and his friends convince Big Weld to overthrow Ratchet and take back the company that is rightfully his. In the final battle in Madame Gasket's chop shop, Rodney, Big Weld, Cappy, Piper, Fender, Aunt Fanny, and their allies fight back against Ratchet and Gasket who are about to unleash their shredder machines across the streets. Ratchet is stripped of his upgrades and Gasket is thrown into the inferno and destroyed. The final scene is set back in Rodney's home town where Herb quits his job as a dishwasher, Big Weld announces that he is making Rodney his heir to the company, and Rodney finally helps his dad fulfill his dream of becoming a musician. The movie ends with everyone dancing, and it is implied that since Rodney and Cappy dance together, that they hook up.

Thanks Dwayne!

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