Mrs Henderson Presents

Mrs. Henderson's (Judi Dench's) idea of a show including naked girls becomes a tremendous success, with the support of her cranky business partner and producer, Vivian Van Damm (Bob Hoskins), and sponsorship -albeit, much to his dismay- of Lord Cromer (Christopher Guest). 

Nonetheless, this success gets a little darkened with the beginning of WWII and the constant threats of London being bombed by the Germans.  Show star Maureen (Kelly Reilly) has a little fling with a young soldier, as a result of a matchmaking that was Mrs. Henderson's idea; Maureen becomes pregnant, finds out the soldier just wanted to have some fun with her, and decides to resign, but when she leaves the theater, a bomb drops, exploding and killing her.

At the same time, the Government orders, by means of Lord Cromer, to shut down the Windmill Theater, thus upsetting the staff and the supportive audience.
However, Mrs. Henderson stands up and gives a heartfelt speech about the need of keeping the theater open as a mean of sheltering for soldiers and anyone else who wants a little escapade by watching the show.  Everyone cheers.

The movie ends with additional info that states that the show went on, Mrs. Henderson died in 1944, and left the theater to Mr. Van Damm in her will.

Thanks Dr. Mat!

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