A Murder of Crows

The old man, "Christopher Marlowe" faked his own death together with "Detective Goethe", in order to have disbarred attorney Lawson Russell (Cuba Gooding Jr.) use the unpublished book manuscript (which describes the murders of 5 attorneys) as his own.

Russell gets a list of phone numbers called the from public phone near the hotel where "Christopher Marlowe" lived. This leads him to Althea Delroy, who is the housekeeper for acting professor Arthur Corvus (Mark Pellegrino). He breaks into his home, and finds props that the professorused for "Christopher Marlowe" and "Detective Goethe".

More research uncovers that the first of the killed attorneys was responsible for setting free the driver who killed members of his family.

Russell goes back into the apartment of professor Corvus, only to find that he was waiting for him. Corvus admits all, while detective Dubose (Tom Berenger) is secretly listening. After Corvus gets arrested, he shoots the detective, a struggle follows, and Russell is able to get the gun - which was used to shoot the detective. Russell kills the professor and gets arrested.

Even more books are sold, which allows Russell to afford an expensive criminal attorney, and he gets aquitted in no time.

Thanks Tilman!

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