Gentleman's Agreement
Academy Award - BEST PICTURE - 1947

Phil Green (Gregory Peck) goes undercover for six weeks as a Jewish man to write a story for a national magazine.  He also falls in love with his boss’ niece Kathy (Dorothy McGuire) and plans to marry her.  While masquerading as a Jew, Phil experiences Anti-Semitism first hand and realizes what it must feel like for his best friend Dave (John Garfield) who is having problems with buying a home because he is Jewish.  Kathy tolerates the so-called “gentleman’s agreement” and when she does not change her ways, Phil breaks off their engagement.  Phil writes the story and it is a smash hit.  After a talk with Dave, Kathy realizes she cannot be tolerant of Anti-Semitism and later she and Phil are reunited

Thanks Mariah!

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