The Little Rascals

Alfalfa (Bug Hall) finds out Spanky (Travis Tedford) was the one who sabotaged his date with Darla (Brittany Ashton Holmes) when the dog Petey gives Alfalfa paper to write on, and the paper he brought had the different things Spanky was going to do to wreck his date with Darla. He goes to the talent show at the fair and tries to serenade Darla with a song, but Waldo (Blake McIver Ewing) puts dish soap in his water, causing him to breathe out bubbles as he sang and ruining it for him. Alfalfa and Spanky exchange angry words, but when Spanky questions him about why he wasn't guarding their go-kart, the Blur, from Butch (Sam Saletta) and Woim (Blake Jeremy Collins), Alfalfa told him he parked it someplace nearby. They find it missing because Butch and Woim stole it. They trade insults one more time before Alfalfa quits the club.

After Stymie (Kevin Jamal Woods) speaks with them both, the two reconcile their differences, and with the rest of the club they build the Blur 2. In the race, Spanky & Alfalfa, Butch & Woim, and Waldo & Darla take a wrong turn and go off the course, resulting in some comic hijinx, and Darla finds out that Waldo caused the bubbles at the talent show and tells him to pull over because she wasn't finishing the race with him. But, she kicks Waldo out of his own racer, and drives off. The three karts get back in the race, and Darla (still with her helmet on, masking her identity) saves Spanky & Alfalfa from a trick by Butch & Woim. Then, Darla's handkerchief comes off the front of Spanky & Alfalfa's go-kart, and as Alfalfa goes to re-attach it, he looses his balance and falls forward onto the kart's hood, holding onto it so he wouldn't fall off. The three karts cross the finish line at the same time, but in the photo finish, Alfalfa's one straight hair allowed his and Spanky's kart to cross the finish line first and secure them the victory.

Butch and Woim confront Alfalfa after the race, telling him they were going to hurt him because of losing to them after going through all the trouble of stealing their go-kart. Alfalfa punches Butch into a puddle of poop in a pigsty, and then a frightened Woim voluntarily jumps in after him. Spanky offers a membership to Darla, still with her helmet on, thinking she was Waldo, but then Waldo shows up and tells them they'll be hearing from his lawyers. Darla takes off her helmet to reveal herself, and Spanky faints from shock and surprise over the fact that a girl helped them.

Spanky and Alfalfa get the trophy and prize money, and they learn the great race car driver A.J. Ferguson (Reba McEntire) was the female announcer. Alfalfa and Darla become a couple again after Spanky tells her how he was the one who wrecked their date, clearing Alfalfa's name. The He-Man Woman-Haters Club opens the door to female members, and Uh-Huh (Courtland Mead) is revealed to have quite the extensive vocabulary in the first co-ed meeting.

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