Room 6

Amy (Christine Taylor) finally finds her boyfriend Nick (Shane Brolly) in St. Rosemary's hospital after coming to terms with her role in her father's death when she was a little girl (she "unplugged" her father at his request, resulting in brain damage and death) and after battling off Lucas (Jerry O'Connell) who turns out to be one of the hospital's demons.  She rescues Nick before he gets killed on the operating table. The second they step out of the hospital, they wake up at the moment of their car accident. Amy is mortally wounded this time and she understands that everything that happened before was a test. She sees Melissa (Chloe Moretz) standing nearby, smiling at her. She tells Nick she believes Melissa was watching over her. She says she would love to marry him and that she is now not afraid to die, which she does a few moments later.

Thanks Sabrina!