Strangers with Candy
A prequel to the cult tv series of the same name

After being released from prison, Jeri Blank (Amy Sedaris) picks up her life right where she left off, only to discover her mother is dead and her father (Dan Hedaya) is in a coma!

Following the advice of her comatose father's physician (Ian Holm), she resolves to do something special to bring her father out of it. And so she enters the state science fair.

Meanwhile, after having squandered school funds on gambling debts, Principal Blackman (Greg Hollimon) needs to prove that his 3,000 students and one dozen teachers are above average. Winning the state science fair is the only option. A ringer science fair teacher (Matthew Broderick) is recruited, much to the chagrin of the regular science teacher (Stephen Colbert) whose special friend the art teacher (Paul Dinello) defects to Broderick's team. Broderick's team (who is long on style but short on substance) steals Jeri's team's idea of a super conductor, because Jeri gave away the plans in hopes of sexual gratification from the ever so dreamy Brason.

At the last minute the art teacher comes back and Jeri's team comes up with an alternative presentation (complete with Indonesian music) of renewable batteries based on prison science, something Jeri is an expert on. The presentation is a hit, until it causes a fire, creating wide spread panic at the fair. Jeri passes out and awakes safe in her bed because....her father came out of his coma and saved her. Of course, he was tired after a 32 year coma so he went to sleep.

Jeri learns a valuable lesson and everybody dances during the credits.

Thanks Don P!