American Pie Presents

During the weeks leading up to the big band camp show, Matt Stifler (Tad Hilgenbrink) and Elyse (Arielle Kebbel) fall for one another. However, when Arianna (Lauren C. Mayhew) and the other cheerleaders show up for the show and accuse Matt of having become a band geek, he tells them how he was secretly shooting footage of the girls around the camp for a "Girls Gone Wild"-style video he was wanting to make and he agrees to show them the footage, foregoing a date with Elyse in the process. However, his partner-in-crime Ernie's (Jason Earles) latest attempt to get more footage with his robot goes awry, and after some commotion Arianna and one of the other cheerleaders opens the door to Matt's room to find Elyse walking past, and Elyse sees the footage he shot of her in the shower. The next day, Oscar (Omar Benson Miller) comes and takes the laptop away, and warns Matt to not appear at the show. Ernie's love interest Chloe (Crystle Lea Lightning) asks Ernie if he was in on it, and when he doesn't answer she throws her pop can tab necklace at him and leaves. Matt closes the dresser drawer to hide the laptop's footage saver in it, since he saved everything he shot.

The next day, Matt tries to make it up to the band by spiking the grape juice of the Beechwood High School band led by his nemesis Brandon Vandecamp (Matt Barr) with Ipecac, a vomit-inducing medicine, but Oscar and Jimmy (Jun Hee Lee) switch the coolers due to hating their school always being given orange juice. Beechwood pulls off a flawless performance while everyone at East Falls High vomits before they could make a single note. Beechwood wins the show, Brandon gets the music school scholarship, and Matt leaves band camp with his reputation worse than how it already was. However, when he meets up with counselor Chuck Sherman (Chris Owen) again, he is informed that his completion of band camp despite the embarrassing incidents he was in has saved him from expulsion, although he would be kept on a very short leash.

After reviewing over the raunchy footage he took at band camp, Matt then proceeds to delete it all. The next day, when Arianna and his football buddies request a preview of the footage so he could prove he wasn't a band geek, Matt informs them of the footage's deletion and tells them he wasn't going to follow in his brother Steve's footsteps anymore. Later, Matt and Ernie come up to Oscar, Jimmy & Chloe in the auditorium and Matt tells them about the cooler switch, which Oscar and Jimmy are almost immediately found out to have been responsible for. He also says that although he couldn't take away spying on them and he couldn't help them win that band camp show, he wanted to help Elyse get that music school scholarship she wanted, and he couldn't do it without their help.

Some time later, Elyse gets a letter from the music school signed by famed composer Dr. Susan Choi (Lily Mariye) saying she wanted to meet with her, but upon arriving at the music school to meet with her, she learns from the secretary that the letter was a fake. Matt, who forged the letter, then shows up playing her song on the bagpipes, but when she goes out to give him hell for his errors her band shows up soon after and proceeds to play the song, drawing the attention of Dr. Choi. Choi, impressed with Elyse's piece, awards her the scholarship. When Elyse queries about Brandon Vandecamp, she finds out he was disqualified because he plagiarized his band's winning song.

Elyse thanks the band for getting her the scholarship, but they tell her how Matt planned it all. Matt returns her long-lost "Picardo" to her (which he learns is a brand of piccolo and not a sex toy), and the two kiss.

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