Rush Hour

Juntao, the kidnapper of Consul Han's (Tzi Ma) daughter, Soo Yung (Julia Hsu), is revealed to all at the Chinese artifact banquet to be Han's friend Thomas Griffin (Tom Wilkinson). Griffin had Sang (Ken Leung) kidnap her as revenge for Han and Inspector Lee (Jackie Chan) retrieving priceless Chinese artifacts from him that he tried to steal. In the resulting fight between Lee, Carter, and the FBI against Griffin, Sang, and their henchman, Detective Carter (Chris Tucker) kills Sang, and Lee kills Griffin. Soo Yung is reunited with her father, and Lee returns her lost necklace to her.

The next day, Lee and Carter head for a vacation to Hong Kong. The FBI agents who ridiculed Carter and Lee from the start come and tell Carter that when he returns, there would be an FBI badge waiting for him. Carter feigns happiness before telling them to shove the badge up their ass, and that he was LAPD. After Carter learns from Lee that the flight would take 15 hours, Lee starts singing the "War" song, Carter screaming for the stewardess to get him another seat.

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