Species 2

A Space Shuttle crew come back from Mars and Commander Patrick Ross (Justin Lazard) and a female crewmember have been invaded by an organism that is trapped in the Mars rocks that they are bringing back.

While his female crewmember dies in a messy childbirth, our hero, Captain Ross, nails every woman with a heartbeat and soon he has a brood of children of the damned. Henstridge is back as EVE, a genetic duplicate of SIl, bred in a lab and kept there to protect mankind from aliens. When Ross comes to town, she breaks out of her cage and is ready to get it on. Henstridge strips only once, unfortunately, in a barn with Ross and a bunch of chrysalis containing his maturing children. Madsen, Helgenberger and the ever-dependable Mykelti Williamson track them down. EVE impales Ross with her spines a pitchfork and some alien-killing aerosol sprayers. Our intrepid trio destroys all of the chrysalis and kills Ross, but not before he orally inseminates EVE.

While they are driving EVE away in an ambulance, you can tell she's pregnant.

Thanks Evil Ed!