Species 3

EVE (Henstridge) dies giving birth to a young girl Sara, who quickly grows up in the house of a college professor and enjoys walking around naked while he studies her. Eventuallly, she finds a male alien who has tuberculosis, whom she rejects. The male alien shows up at the professor's lab and kills the prof before it is killed by one of the professor's grad students. It's up to the grad student, a friend and a police detective to save the day when yet another female alien shows up and demands that the grad student and his friend fertilize two of Sara's eggs. The two grad students take the can of eggs to a nuclear reactor and manage to drop the eggs and both aliens into the reactor core.

Sara is actually saved at the last minute and one of her eggs is fertilized and grown into a studly, though infertile male companion. The happy couple walk off into the wilderness.

Thanks Evil Ed!