Rudy (Eric Schweig) loses his brother Mogie (Graham Greene) to liver cirrhosis, brought on by his years of heavy drinking. Some time later, and inspired by something Mogie said he wanted to do to Mount Rushmore, Rudy buys a large can of red oil-based paint (difficult to remove without turpentine), and proceeds to ascend Mount Rushmore, stopping on top of George Washington's head. He tosses the paint down the left side of Washington's face, which leaves a trail on his face that looks like he is crying blood. Rudy screams out "I love you, Mogie!' after he throws it.

As he drives home, Rudy sees before only his eyes a younger Mogie hitchhiking, and he waves goodbye to Rudy. Rudy reminisces about the good times he and Mogie had, and smiles and laughs.

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