Oliver & Company

After Sykes (voiced by Robert Loggia) kidnaps Jenny (voiced by Natalie Gregory) so he could get the money Fagin (voiced by Dom DeLuise) originally owed him through her wealthy parents, Oliver (voiced by Joey Lawrence), Dodger (voiced by Billy Joel), Jenny's poodle Georgette (voiced by Bette Midler), and the other dogs go to her rescue, with Fagin trailing behind. During the rescue attempt, Oliver, Jenny, and the dogs are cornered by Sykes and his Dobermans, Roscoe (voiced by Taurean Blacque) and DeSoto (voiced by Carl Weintraub), but before Sykes can sick his dogs on them, Fagin comes in on his minicycle, collects Jenny and the others, and drives away.

Sykes gives chase, chasing them with his car throughout the city's streets and then down into the subway system. Jenny ends up on the hood of Sykes' car after Sykes hits the minicycle with it, and Oliver and Dodger go to her rescue, with Roscoe and DeSoto meeting their deaths on the electric tracks in the process. As a train approaches them on the Brooklyn Bridge, Sykes tries to grab hold of Jenny, but Oliver and Dodger come to her aid again and keep Sykes occupied while Jenny jumps onto the minicycle. Tito (voiced by Cheech Marin) steers the minicycle up the bridge railing to avoid the train, but Sykes, after he throws Oliver and Dodger away, doesn't get out of the way and is killed. Descending from the railing, Jenny calls out for Oliver until Dodger shows up with his lifeless body. Everybody thinks Oliver is dead, but he then opens his eyes and weakly mews, and everyone is joyfully relieved.

The next day, Fagin, Oliver, and the other dogs are at Jenny's house celebrating her birthday. Tito & Georgette are shown dancing together. The butler Winston (voiced by William Glover) gets a call from Jenny's father from abroad saying that he and her mother would be back tomorrow. When the party ends, Fagin says his goodbyes and takes off ahead of the dogs, and as the other dogs go after him, Dodger tells Oliver he is welcome to hang out with them anytime. Jenny and Oliver say goodbye, and Dodger and the others soon catch up with Fagin and head back to their derelict home through the crowded streets.

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