Kevin of the North

Kevin (Skeet Ulrich) gets into a scuffle with Carter (Rik Mayall) in the home stretch of the Iditerod Dog Sled Race, causing Carter to fall off his dog sled and soon get doused in raw sewage. Kevin wins the race, honoring the wishes of his dead grandfather and inheriting his property. He has no time to celebrate, however, immediately leading his dogs to aid Bonnie (Natasha Henstridge), his grandfather's arch-enemy whom he had fallen for during the race (his feelings are returned), who had been kidnapped by Clive (Leslie Nielsen) earlier on and escaped with a box full of gold pieces she and Kevin found during the race and left Kevin out to die in the Alaskan wilderness. Bonnie makes Clive crash his Snow-Cat into a shed to avoid hitting Kevin and his dogs, and in the showdown between Kevin and Clive, Kevin saves Bonnie and gets her out of the shed while Clive fires off a shot from his gun at them, which bounces around and hits some gasoline drums, causing them to explode and kill him. The gold pieces rain down on Kevin and Bonnie. Back at the race, Carter is arrested for the bad acts he committed during the race.

Kevin returns to the finish line and accepts his trophy, and he tells Bonnie that he wants to marry her. Due to the fact that they haven't known each other too long, Bonnie tells him she wants to take it slow, which he is cool with. Some few years later, the two end up getting married and have a kid, and the last scene shows Kevin trying to get a family photo with his wife and kid in front of his grandfather's cabin.

Thanks Tornado Dragon!