Yossi and Jagger

Lior (Yehuda Levi) -known as "Jagger" by his fellow soldiers-, along with four other of the guys, is mortally wounded in the ambush, when it goes awry.  Yossi (Ohad Knoller) comes along to comfort him, but he dies anyway.  While assisting them, Ophir (Assi Cohen) realizes about their secret love, but decides to stay quiet about it.

Shortly after, the survivors go to pay their respects to Lior's parents.  Yaeli (Aya Steinovitz) lets know Lior's mother how much she loved him, and that she was sure he loved her back.  Both Ophir -who was in love with Yaeli- and Yossi look at her for their respective reasons.  Then, Lior's mom says that his son was very discrete about everything; that she didn't even know what his favorite film or song was.  Then, Yossi says it was "Bo" -Your Soul-, by singer Rita.

The film ends with Yossi remembering about his doomed love, looking, at a photo album, a picture of Lior, disguised as a bunny rabbit, and displaying a sad smile because of it.

Thanks Dr Mat!