Now You Know

Turns out that Jeremy (Jeremy Sisto) didn't want to get married either, which is why he didn't argue when Kerri (Rashida Jones) decided to cancel the wedding. He still wants to be with her and buys her flowers as a first step in being more attentive and affectionnate.

Gil (Jeff Anderson) learns that he is the father of Marty's (Heather Paige Kent) child, and begs her to let him be a part of it. Marty is relieved that he didn't freak out, and they leave together on a trip that was supposed to be Kerri and Jeremy's honeymoon.

The movie ends with Jeremy getting his revenge on Shane (Todd Babcock) for the bachelor party prank by having Biscuit (Trevor Fehrman) chain a bowling ball to his ankle.

Thanks Fleetwood!