A Good Year

Max Skinner's (Russell Crowe) beloved Uncle Henry (Albert Finney) passes away but because he had not updated his will in 20 years, Henry's home and vineyard in Provence, France is left to Max, his only living relative.  Max goes to Provence with every intention of selling the house, but when a woman named Christy shows up claiming to be Henry's illegitimate daughter, Max works fast to try and prove that Christy isn't Henry's heir and to sell the property before she can lay claim to it.

Just after signing the papers to sell Henry's home to an American couple, Max finds evidence that Christy really is Henry's daughter, and that the vineyard is producing exceptional wine, not the horrible brew as Max was originally led to believe.  Max has a change of heart and, being an expert at forging his uncle's handwriting, composes a letter stating that Christy is in fact the rightful heir to Henry's estate and it should be left it to her. 

Max returns to London to face the music of an unethical stunt he pulled with his stock broker team.  However, the president of the company offers Max a partnership in the firm or a large payout to retire on.  Max takes the money and returns to Provence where he helps manage the vineyard and is reunited with Fanny Chanel (Marion Cotillard), a beautiful local restaurant owner who stole his heart.
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