The Devil's Own

Honest cop Tom O'Meara (Harrison Ford) finds Rory's (Brad Pitt) hidden money and realizes that Rory is an IRA terrorist buying weapons. Tom and his partner Eddie (Rubén Blades) arrest Rory, but while stuck in New York traffic, he manages to escape and kills Eddie in a shootout.

Rory goes to a meeting with weapons dealer Burke (Treat Williams). He throws a bag that is the payment for the Stinger missiles. When one of Burke's henchmen opens the bag, it explodes. Rory manages to kills everyone.

Tom starts his own investigation, and manages to find Megan (Natascha McElhone) at the home of the irish judge who had recommended Rory to him. Tom promises to try to get Rory alive, and Megan tells him where to find him.

At the harbor, Tom jumps on Rory's ship that is loaded with the Stinger missiles. Tom makes an attempt to get Rory alive, but Rory isn't willing to be arrested, and dies in a shootout.

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