Terror at the Opera
(aka: OPERA)

The killer breaks into the theatre and slices up Betty's costume. The crows being used in the opera of Macbeth they are performing break out of their cage and the killer kills three of them. The director remembers the crow-keeper's words that they will remember their attacker, and he releases the birds into the audience during a performance of the opera. They zoom in on the killer, Police Inspector Alan Santini, who is stalking Betty and forcing her to watch murders because of his obsession over his relationship with her mother, where she liked to watch him torture people, but was never satisfied by what he did.

After being attacked by the crows, Santini drags Betty down to the basement of the theatre and ties her to a chair. He blindfolds her and throws petrol over the papers in the room, then gives her a gun. He tells her to shoot him, which she does when he lights a match and reveals he killed her mother. Betty is rescued from the fire, and it is assumed that Santini burned to death. However, it turns out that in fact he threw a theatrical dummy into the fire and escaped. He tracks Betty and the director to a house they're staying in in the country, and kills their maid. He chases Betty over the fields and stabs the director who tries to protect her. Betty stops his rampage by claiming she is just like her mother, and loves him. She offers to run away with him, but when his back is turned she hits him in the head with a rock and the police run in and arrest him. Betty tells him she is nothing like her mother and as he is led away she happily hugs a bank of grasses and flowers, finally feeling free.

 Thanks Jen!