Shop assassin John Rainbird (George C. Scott), along with a team from the Shop, manages to capture Andy (David Keith) and Charlie McGee (Drew Barrymore) at Andy's grandfather's house and brings them to the Shop's headquarters. Andy is placed on drugs that diminish his mind control powers, and though Charlie doesn't want to use her pyrokinetic powers, Rainbird (posing as a friendly orderly) works to convince her otherwise, saying that doing what the Shop told her might reunite her with her father. However, neither had any idea that Rainbird was going to kill Charlie once the Shop's experiments on her were done.

Determined to reunite with his daughter, Andy manages to wean himself off the drugs, and uses his powers to manipulate Captain Hollister (Martin Sheen) into helping him and Charlie escape. Hollister arranges a reunion in the Shop's horse stable for Andy and Charlie, but Charlie accidentally tells Rainbird about the meeting, and he goes there before they come, intending to kill Charlie there. While on his way to the stable Andy learns from Hollister who Rainbird is, what he does, and what he has already done. Andy and Charlie meet up, and after Andy tells Charlie who Rainbird really is, Rainbird shoots and kills Hollister and then shoots and fatally wounds Andy. When he tries to shoot Charlie, she uses her pyrokinesis to destroy the bullet before it hits her, and sets him ablaze. She goes to her father, who basically tells her to get out of the compound and kill anybody who gets in her way, and after telling her "I love you," he dies. Charlie uses her pyrokinesis to kill many of the Shop personnel sent to deal with her, as well as destroy the Shop's headquarters. Viewing the destruction she made, she says in tears 'For you, daddy."

She goes to live with Irv & Norma Manders (Art Carney & Louise Fletcher), an elderly couple who helped shelter her and her father from the Shop for a time, and some time later she goes with Irv to the headquarters of the New York Times to get her story out into the open, to try to make it impossible for the Shop to kidnap and harm her again.

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