After failing to get the money on time and surviving a drive-by attempt by Big Worm's crew,  Craig (Ice Cube) confronts Deebo about beating up a woman.  When Deebo insults Craig's dad, Craig pulls out his gun in puts it in Deebo's face.  Due to his dad's words earlier in the film, Craig throws down the gun and proceeds to fight Deebo with his fists, to prove his manhood.  While it appears that Deebo knocks Craig out, Craig eventually gets back up and knocks Deebo out with a brick to the face.  His reign of terror over, everyone heads home, but not before Craig and Debbie (Nia Long) agree to meet the next morning.  Craig finally breaks up with Joi, and Smokey (Chris Tucker) breaks off all ties with Big Worm, informing him that he is entering rehab.  Of course, he says this while smoking a joint, so we'll just have to wait to see what happens "Next Friday"...

 Thanks Nicholas!