Freeze Frame

Paranoid always self-filming murder suspect Sean Veil (Lee Evans) *is* truly innocent of everything.

Profiler Saul Seger (Ian McNeice, who played Harkonnen in the "Dune" miniseries) learned 10 years ago that the father of the Jasper family actually committed the "Jasper murders", but didn't tell it, to keep his professional reputation. Reporter Katie Carter (Rachael Stirling), a surviving Jasper family member, hired Mary Shaw in 1998 to spy on Sean Veil. When Mary Shaw accidentally died due to a dispute with Carter, she buried her somewhere and stole Veil's tapes from that date.

In the present, Carter kidnaps the profiler and learns that her own father committed the murders, and sent the gun to the profiler, then committed suicide. She kills Seger at Veil's home, stops the recordings and throws the tapes into the fire, frames Veil by sitting on him for sex to create a DNA evidence of a rape, then kills Detective Emeric (Sean McGinley) who appears at the scene, and then kills herself as well. However paranoid Veil still had a webcam which taped everything, thus proving his innocence. To avoid the evidence being "lost" by police, he also e-mails the recording to a newspaper.

Thanks Tilman!