Feeling guilty for what happened to Maurice (Peter O'Toole), Jessie (Jodie Whitaker) decides to take care of him, and even agrees on taking him on a small trip to his favorite place, on the coast.  While there, he expresses his happiness for being there with her by his side, and, then, he dies.

Back in London, Ian (Leslie Phillips) confronts his grandniece for Maurice's advances on her, which causes an estrangement between them.  Shortly after, at Maurice's funeral, Jessie meets Valerie (Vanessa Redgrave), his wife, and she manifests her joy for knowing that, at least, he died happily, more or less the way he wanted.

In the end, Jessie, while picking up some stuff from Maurice's place, she sees a painting which resembles the coastline where Maurice died, and this gives her the courage to finally do the nude posing.  The last scene shows a painting of her in such way.

Thanks Dr Mat!