Leprechaun: Back 2 The Hood

After the Leprechaun (Warwick Davis) kills a bunch of people and survives everything that gets thrown at him, Emily (Tangi Miller), Rory (Laz Alonso) & Jamie (Page Kennedy) go see the psychic Emily met earlier, Esmerelda (Donzaleigh Abernathy), who tells them the origins of the Leprechaun and that he can only be killed through his gold or a four-leaf clover. Jamie produces a four-leaf clover that was in his bag of weed, and Rory grinds up the leaf and puts it in the tips of each bullet of his gun.

The Leprechaun eventually shows up, and Rory starts shooting him, but after the 4th shot, his gun jams. The Leprechaun gets his fleeing power back, and incapacitates Jamie and kills Esmerelda while Rory and Emily escape to the rooftops. However, the Leprechaun gives chase and soon catches up with them and eventually knocks Rory out. Emily throws some of the gold coins in the chest away to distract the Leprechaun while she escaped for the elevator, and the Leprechaun pursues her and fights her down it into the boiler room. When they meet face to face, the Leprechaun starts lecturing her about humanity's greed, but she tosses the gold into a furnace, and after struggling with him she manages to throw him into the furnace as well, seemingly burning him alive.

Emily heads back up to the roof to check on Rory, and he reawakens, but then the Leprechaun, charred but alive, shows up with his chest of gold in hand. He knocks back Rory and causes Emily to hang onto the edge of the roof, in danger of falling off. As the Leprechaun continues his lecture to Emily, Rory gets his gun working and shoots the Leprechaun with the remaining bullets. He rescues Emily, but the Leprechaun still keeps coming for them, so Emily whacks him with his gold chest, sending him off the edge of the roof into a pool of wet cement in the unfinished youth center, the place where the Leprechaun was buried by the priest a year prior. The Leprechaun falls beneath the surface, and the cement hardens, trapping him there. Rory and Emily embrace.

It last shows Rory, Emily & Jamie having some good times together, and the book closes on the story of the Leprechaun.

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