When the Spice Girls (themselves) are dancing in a club the night before their big Albert Hall gig with their pregnant friend Nicola (Naoko Mori), Nicola goes into labor. The next day, she gives birth to a girl. When the Girls are leaving the hospital, they encounter Damien (Richard O’Brien), the photographer that has been getting slanderous photos of them for McMaxford (Barry Humphries), the editor of the Daily Event newspaper. They chase him and catch him, where he renounces his serpentine ways and uses his photography skills to catch McMaxford in a scandalous position that results in him getting fired from his job.

In danger of being late for their gig, the Girls commandeer their bus from their driver Dennis (Meat Loaf), and after a crazy obstacle-laden drive around London (which included the Girls finding a bomb attached to the bottom of the bus), they make it to Albert Hall mere moments before showtime. As the Girls perform for the packed house, their manager Clifford (Richard E. Grant) agrees to Martin (George Wendt) and Graydon’s (Mark McKinney) deal for a movie starring the Girls.

As the credits roll, it shows the Spice Girls and the other actors who starred in the movie on the set of Martin & Graydon’s movie, a camera filming them all. The Girls notice the camera filming them and talk to the audience directly. When Mel C wonders about the bomb on the bus, a huge explosion is heard.

Thanks Tornado Dragon!