Perfume: The Story of a Murder

Despite the efforts of Monsieur Richis (Alan Rickman) to protect his daughter Laura (Rachel Hurd-Wood) from the killer, which included taking her away from Grasse and hiding with her in a secluded facility, Grenouille (Ben Whishaw) tracks them down, by means of his powerful sense of smell, gets to them and kills and scalps Laura, in order to obtain his 13th essential ingredient for the ultimate fragrance.

At the same time, the Police, who had caught up with him after discovering -thanks to the neglected puppy that belonged to that prostitute killed by Grenouille earlier- the hair and clothes of all other 12 victims, buried in Druot's (Paul Berrondo's) property, arrests him, tortures him into confession and sentences him to be beaten 12 times on his limbs while tied up to a hanging cross -this is where the movie began-.

The next morning, he is conducted to the square where the sentence would take place.  However, he draws the bottle containing the perfume he created, damps a cloth with a few drops from it, and waves it at the crowd; this causes such a frenzy, that everyone succumbs to the charm of the powerful aroma and engages in a collective orgy -even the Cardinal!!-; everyone, except Richis, who, nonetheless, drops to his feet crying, and lets him go.  The next day, everyone recovers from their actions, ashamed, and the guilt is bestowed upon Druot, who is hanged.

Grenouille heads to Paris, carrying his elixir with him, and he winds up back in the same disgusting marketplace where he was born.  He decides to use the parfum once more, so he empties the entire bottle on himself.  A group of peasants nearby, overcome by the essence, jump on him, elated, ravage him and eat him alive, leaving nothing but his clothes to get lost among the filth.

The movie ends with a shot of the abandoned empty little bottle, with a last drop of the perfum falling over the ground.

Thanks Dr Mat!